Wireless Programmable Remote Arduino UNO R3 + Input Shield + APC220 3 in 1 Suit Diy Kit

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Shipping List

  • Arduino UNO R3: 1 piece

  • Input Shield: 1 pcs

  • APC220A: 1 set (including receiver, transmitter and USB module)

  • Arduino UNO (1)

Technical specifications

  • The Digital I/O Digital input/output terminal, a total of 0 ~ 13.

  • The Analog I/O Analog input/output terminal, a total of 0 ~ 5.

  • Support USB protocol and the power supply (without external power supply).

  • Support the ISP download function.

  • Support the TX/RX terminals.

  • Support USB to TTL TX/RX terminals.

  • Support the AREF terminals.

  • 6 groups support PWM terminal (Pin11 Pin10, Pin9, Pin6 and Pin5,responsible).

  • The input voltage, plug in the USB without any external power supply or external 7 v ~ 20 v DC input.

  • The output voltage 5 V DC output and 3.3 V DC output and external power input.

  • The Atmel Atmega328P - PU microcontroller.

  • The Arduino size: 70 mm wide X 54 mm high.


  • Open source circuit diagram design, the programming interface for free download, can also according to the demand change yourself!!

  • The Arduino using ISP download line, self will new IC program burn-in"bootloader";

  • Can according to the official circuit diagram, simplify the Arduino module,completed the independent micro processor controller cloud;

  • Can be easily connected to the sensor, a variety of electronic components(such as: infrared, ultrasonic, thermistors, photo sensitive resistance, servomotor, etc.);

  • Support a variety of interactive programs Such as Flash, Max/Msp, VVVV, PD,C, Processing, etc.

  • Using low price of micro-processing controller (ATMEGA328V - 20 pu);

  • USB power supply, without external power supply, 500 ma self recovery fuse to avoid your computer USB power overload, also offer 9 VDC input interface;

  • Application, use the Arduino, break through in the past can only use mouse,keyboard, CCD device such as a type of interactive content, can be more easilyachieve the single-player or multiplayer interaction.

  • Arduino Input shields rocker extension board

  • USES the import high quality PS rocker potentiometer and keys, rocker output analog signal can realize the up and down or so control, at the same time with four buttons - two great circle cap button (button round cap color random) and a joy stick buttons, a reset buttons.

  • The laminated design, can easily receive our Arduino Duemilanove orArduino RoMeo.

  • The reserved APC220 digital module interface, convenient to the implementation of a wireless rocker button controller.

  • Take up the port: buttons (digital) responsible (B), PIN4 (C), PIN5 (Akey); Rocker (simulated) PIN0 (Y), PIN1 (X); The remaining unused portextending out and set aside.

APC220A (1 set)

  • APC220A module is a highly integrated half-duplex micropower wireless datatrans mission module, the embedded microprocessor and high-performance rf chip,TTL serial interface, with a USB converter can realize the communication between computer and single chip microcomputer.

Technical specifications

The working frequency of 415 MHZ to 455 MHZ (1 KHZ step by step)

The GFSK modulation mode

The frequency interval of 200 KHZ

The transmission power of 20 mw adjustable (10)

Receiving sensitivity - 117 DBM @ 1200 BPS

Air transmission rate, 1200-19200 BPS

Interface rate, 1200-19200 BPS

8 e1 interface efficacy way / 8 n1/8 o1

The interface buffer space of 512 bytes

10% ~ 90% humidity (no condensation)

Working temperature - 20 ℃ -- 70 ℃

Power 3.3 5.5 V (plus or minus 50 mv ripple)

Emission current ≦ 35 ma @ 10 mw

Receiving current ≦ 30 ma

Sleep current ≦ 5 ua

The transmission distance of 1000 meters distance (open visual range)

Size 39 mm x 19 mm x 2.8 mm


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