The sound sensor module voice detection module microphone module voice whistle switch Arduino

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  • Can detect the ambient sound intensity, the use of note: this sensor can only identify the sound has no ( according to vibration theory ) does not recognize the size of the sound or the specific frequency sound

  • Adjustable sensitivity ( shown in blue digital potentiometer adjustment )

  • 3.3V-5V working voltage

  • The 5 output in the form of digital switching output ( 0 and 1 level )

  • Is provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation

  • Small PCB size: 3.2cm * 1.7cm

  • The two module wiring instructions

  • VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage ( can be directly related to 5V single chip and 3.3V chip. )

  • GND external GND

  • OUT panel switch output interface ( 0 and 1)


  • Sound module for environmental sound intensity is the most sensitive, generally used to detect the ambient sound intensity.

  • The 2 module in the sound intensity is not up to the threshold, the OUT outputs high level, when the outside ambient sound intensity exceeds a set threshold, the module OUT output low level;

  • Small digital output OUT with the microcontroller is connected directly, through the microcontroller to detect low level, thereby to detect the ambient sound;

  • Small digital output OUT can directly drive the relay module, which can be composed of a sound control switch

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  • The sound sensor module voice:1pcs



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