Raspberry Pi Display RPI pie pCduino Robopeak mini USB 2.8 inch Resistive Touch Screen Monitor

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RoboPeak USB display is developed by RoboPeak team atouch-screen display with USB interface as transport protocol. RoboPeak USBdisplay can connect with a variety of devices and platforms, to become theirman-machine interface. We provide comprehensive product data and brochures,lets you use the convenient accessibility products. Robopeak team design andthe source code for open source products, convenient your secondarydevelopment. Started a website for all information will be updated, welcomeattention to Robopeak and DFRobot website.
Robopeak's official website: all kinds of information is continuously updated.


The product application

1, the Mini portable touchscreen PC
With low cost, high performance of the popularity of ARM processor, has givenrise to a large number of Mini PC represented by raspberries pie, they usuallyuse HDMI interface connected to the TV or monitor, combined with USB keyboardand mouse into a Mini PC. But this combination for the Mini PC lost its portability,must take the mouse, keyboard, and in a TV (monitor) with HDMI interface touse. RoboPeak USB display can be used to make the Mini PC real Mini PC, as longas there is power, can be used.

2, the additional screen as a PC
On a PC, there is a small piece of touch screen can greatly improve the use ofthe PC experience, for the application of creative provides more likely. WithRazor and the spirit of blade series notebook computers, for example, thekeyboard can be integrated by touch screen skills of the game's release panel;For some professional software, also can become a common function for quickentry.

3, provide a convenient man-machine interface for nodisplay devices
In addition to some no display devices, such as server, NAS devices, touch screencan be used as the man-machine interface, display the state of the equipment,equipment management function, can greatly improve the equipment userexperience, improve the efficiency of management.



l  No configuration, theuse of simple and convenient;

l  Achieve QVGAresolution (320 x240), up to 16, colorful;

l  2.8 -inch resistivetouch screen;

l  The refresh rate of upto 100 frames per second;

l  Directly from the USBinterface of standard electricity, no additional power supply;

l  Just use USB as atransport without HDMI, VGA, and other interface;

l  Provide open sourceLinux drivers;

l  With Raspberry pie(Raspberry PI, Cubieboard (I/II), pcDuino Mini PC or WR703 routers connectedwith USB interface

Source address:https://github.com/robopeak/rpusbdisp
GithubRobopeak product database link: http://www.robopeak.net/docs/doku.php


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