PX4 Autopilot Suite (PX4FMU + PX4IO) Flight Control System with Full Beyond APM 2.52 2.6

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  • This suite PX4FMU for the latest version 1.7.2, PX4IO for the latest version 1.3.1, all final version for PX4, black gold spot.

  • Please note that the circuit board are native has positive PX4 AUTOPILOT LOGO, only.

  • After fully test before shipment, the attached inspection video help buyers know PX4 promptly and confirm the main functional hardware.

  • PX4 based on APM, basic consistent with APM configuration process, such as buzzer, RGB LED modules, such as add, will make the configuration easier, with APM based control test in a short time.

  • More information please visit the PX4 website:


  • APM website will add PX4 support, for details, please click:


Project introduction

  • PX4 is an open source project of software and hardware, aims to academic, hobby and industrial organizations provide a low-cost high-performance high-end drive apparatus. This project is the result of ETH Zurich (ETH Zurich university) of computer vision and geometric laboratories, independent laboratory and system automatic control laboratory PIXHAWK project, some excellent individuals (Contact and Credits) are involved, including 3 d Robotics, and a member of the international 3 Dr Distributors.


  • With 168 MHz / 252 MIPS architecture M4F STM32F405 MCU - from APM flight control 8-bit microcontroller era (APM full series of fly control adopts ATMEGA2560 8-bit MCU) transition to ARM era, because the home has a lot of STM32 MCU lovers, extremely convenient for self improvement and second development.

  • Due to the powerful r&d team support, derived the PX4 - APM and PX4 two sets of firmware. PX4 - APM alternative version of firmware version as APM2.6 later, more emphasis on ease of use, for ordinary DIY players use. PX4 is aimed at developers of lay particular stress on, need a certain foundation, but functional undoubtedly more powerful.

  • USES NuttX open source embedded real-time operating system, and the collocation of the Cortex - M4F kernel to parse stance, task scheduling control rose to new heights.

  • Integrated buzzer to commonly used status display, the hardware initialization, unlock, voltage lights light common signal are corresponding to the music. (what? Are you still use the battery voltage alarm? You OUT!) . Will follow-up development support plug and play of the RGB LED modules, system status indicator, for night.

  • Using L3GD20, MPU6000 gyroscope redundant combination, make the gesture of output is more reliable. Other aspects for MS5611 barometer, HMC5883L the use of electronic compass.

External interface

  • 4 x UART, 2 x I2C, SPI, 1 x 1 x CAN

  • External electronic compass interface (I2C1 or I2C3)

  • Support microSD save Settings and the flight log

  • PPM signal input (extended PX4IO can support S.B US support)

  • A variety of airfoil support (extended PX4IO can provide up to 12 motor support)

  • 18 v battery voltage monitoring (1 -), a buzzer alarm (lithium battery and 5 v power supply switch)

  • All the power supply output interface are reverse connect protection

  • The buzzer (PWM) output

  • Support the JTAG/SWD


  • MPU - 6000 (three axis acceleration/three axis electronic compass)

  • L3GD20 (three-axis gyroscope, redundant design)

  • HMC5883L three axis (electronic compass)

  • MS5611 (barometer)

  • Support profile

  • The improvement of the PX4 after more than a year of time, all aspects of performance has been far from the APM.

Item list

  • PX4FMU V1.7.2 board 1 set, 2 g MicroSD card 1, 1, MicroUSB line 1 the buzzer.


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