Mystcry 30 A Brushless Electric 4 Axis Vehicle ElectricKkey ESC

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  • This electrically controlled on the program Settings with good surplus electricaltuning procedures. Can be set in a program function fully in accordance with good company. With instructions in both Chinese and English.

  • Limituse:Sustained current 30 a, instantly 35 a, 40 a lasts 10 seconds.

  • Exterior size/weight:13 g32 X 24 X 7 (mm) (not including line) 20 grams (line)

  • Voltage range:4 v -16 v

  • Number of battery:Thenimh 4 to 12

  • 2-3lipo (4 lipo BEC output) are not allowed to be used

  • BE Coutput:Continuous2 a, (3 a moment)

  • 2lipo 4-5 miniature steering gear

  • 3lipo 3-4 miniature steering gear

  • Protection function:Automatically choose 2-3 lipo, protection of voltage is 6 v / 9 v respectively;

  • Automaticallychoose the NIMH, each section protection voltage is 0.8 V.

  • Safe launch, throttle position not banned launched;

  • Temperature protection, the surface temperature of 110 degrees down;

  • After1 second stop runaway protection, no signal.

Performance description

  • Speedlimit, 2 period up to 300000 RPM, 12 outer 50000 turn, 14 extremely outside42000 RPM.

  • 8 KHZPWM control, using speed control curve.

  • Automatic throttle adaptation, suitable for more remote control equipment.

  • Usethe BEC, MCU separation power supply, work more stable.

  • Arear side method

  • Open the transmitter, push the accelerator to the highest (FUTABA seriestransmitter need to put the gas channel selection REV use).

  • Good connection receiver, the motor.

  • Connected to electric power, the transmitter is normal, after the voice is tohave the following: (if this is a long after the "di" the sound is nolonger a voice, then check the transmitter throttle channel reverse Settings.)

  • B Bsaid LIPO automatic protection

  • BB BBsays NIMH/NICD automatic protection

  • BBBBBB said the brakes


  • (no operation, continuous loop down all sound, until there is hold as request.)

  • Sound cycle have you want to set up, in the process of the first syllable of hearing the voice prompt, (such as choosing LIPO automatic protection, heard a B, the accelerator to the lowest) to pull the throttle rapidly to the lowest position.At the same time, the motor is very sharp sound to confirm.

  • At this point, there are other Settings, quickly push the throttle to the largest,can do the selection of an option.

  • If you want to set up, then wait for 2 seconds, motor suitable battery protection determine sound again, and confirm the throttle position can be used in the future.

  • LIPO automatic protection only two voltage protection, namely 6 v and 9 v, the battery can use full battery unnecessarily.

  • The NIMH automatic protection is calculated according to the actual battery quantity, each battery set to 0.8 V, in order to accurately judge the battery voltage, please put the battery is full. If not full, tuning will be estimated according to 70% of the voltage protection voltage. When using 4 lipo (you can usethis function)

  • Brakes:FactorySettings is no. Can do it in the actual process of using a brake set operation,thus has a motor using back emf to brake after closing the throttle.

  • If you want to remove the brake function, can be set to a brake operation, the function is cancelled.

  • Factory reset function parameters, because this series electric has overheating protection function and wrong operation, if you find your electric adjustable speed, or to, or any features such as curve of the throttle and the new time how to change, you can do a factory parameter Settings, to obtain the highest performance.

  • Bootis B a long sound, represent the LIPO electrically controlled automatic protection status, BBB three times, said the NIMH/NICD automatic protection state.


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