MFD AutoPilot FPV High Qqulity Fixed Wing Flight Control System Aerial Plane RC Aircraft Helicopter

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2013 MFD latest flagship fixed-wing FPV flight controller.


  • Built-in MFD tracking yuntai encoder, perfect the system of OSD, built-in three-axis accelerometer, triaxial electronic compass and barometer of the latest sensor chip. Compatible with APM station, is currently the industry's most powerful fixed wing flight control system.

  • Support MAN (manual), STB (stabilization), CIR (circle), WPT (destinations), RTH (return) 5 kinds of flight mode.

  • MFD AP built-in three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, triaxial electronic compass and barometer and other sensors. AP with a processor dedicated to estimate the attitudes of the flight control another processor is responsible for processing and flight logic OSD picture. Based on these software and hardware, the AP can be used to increase the stability of the aircraft, or control the plane according to design route and altitude, automatic driving.

MFD AP advanced features include

  • The attitude of AHRS, the maximum rolling angular rate is 2000 deg/s

  • Pixel level of black and white and double color OSD, refresh rate > 30 FPS, interface element refresh without lag

  • The integration of MFD AutoAntennaTracker (AAT) support, seamless connection MFD automatic tracking antenna systems

  • Through the OSD can realize the regulation of all parameters and visualization of waypoint Settings, do not need to PC

  • Support MAVLink protocol, which can be compatible with the open source station APM Planner, setting and real-time display of flight navigation

The official Chinese instructions:

The official english-language instruction:

  • Product name: MFD 2013 latest AutoPilot FPV high-end fixed wing flight control system

  • Manufacturer number: MFDAUP

  • Flight control weight: 37 g flight control

  • A full set of weight: 100 g including GPS + + current sensor wiring

  • The power supply voltage: 7 ~ 20 v (12 v) proposed.

  • Current consumption: < 200 ma @ 12 v (including GPS, with no other equipment)

  • PWM input channel number: 6 (PWM input) or 8 input (PPM)

  • PWM output channel number: 4 (using PPM input mode, can be an additional 4) PWM output

  • Allows maximum roll rate: 2000 degrees per second

  • Flight control available modes: MAN (manual), STB (stabilization), CIR (circle), WPT (destinations), RTH (return)

  • Maximum points: 10

  • Support aircraft types: conventional fixed wing layout, flying wing, V is the tail

  • Built-in antenna tracking code: support MFD 8 to 12

  • Current sensor: 100 a


  • 1 x main module

  • 1 x 5 hz GPS

  • 1 x 100 a current sensor

  • 1 x wiring package


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