Latest 30 A FlyFun-30 A Brushless Electric Belt UBEC 4 Axis Aircraft Adjustable

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  • The product specifications

  • Output ability: constant current 30a, 40 a short-time current (not less than 10 seconds);

  • Power input 1.2:5.6 V, 16.8 V lithium battery pack (2 - section 4 or 5-12 knots ni-mh/ni-cd battery);

  • The BEC output: linear regulator, 2a

  • The highest speed: 2 pole motor210000 r/min, 6 pole motor 70000 r/min, 12 35000 RPM of the motor;

  • Size: 45 mm * 24 mm * 11 mm

  • Weight: 25 g

  • Attachment: gold-plated motor connection head and heat shrinkable casing (optional);

  • Security curl up on the delta consisting of? Lt; / font > when power supply is connected, regardless of the throttle rocker at any location are not immediately start motor, avoid to cause personal injury;

  • The throttle trip school callback functions: to adapt to the difference of different remote control throttle trip, linearity, the response of the accelerator with smooth, delicate touch of speed adjustment and the first-class speed linear;

Set items

  • Low brake set: no brake/brake, brake factory default value is no.

  • Low battery type: Li - xx (lithium battery)/Ni - xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride), the default value is Li - xx (lithium battery).

  • Low low voltage protection mode: reduce power output/closed, the default value is lower power.

  • Low: low voltage protection threshold low/medium/high, as in the default value is voltage.

  • When setting using Li - xx batteries, automatically determine lithium electricity number, low/medium/high cases by the voltage of each battery were: 2.6 V, 2.85 V, 3.1 V.

  • When is set using the Ni - xx batteries, electric transfer of electricity automatically detect the battery voltage, as of low/medium/high voltage for the input voltage when the phone is switched on 0%, 45%, 60% (0% means that do not do low pressure protection)

  • Low startup mode: ordinary / / super soft start, soft start the default value is normal.

  • Ordinary start is suitable for fixed wing, quickly start the motor in 0.2 seconds

  • Mixer soft start/super soft start is suitable for the helicopter; Soft start and super soft start of the initial rotational speed is low, respectively from the start to the full speed need 1 second and 2 seconds, but if after start-up closed throttle, 3 seconds to start again when they were in normal mode, so as to avoid doing some stunts in flight caused by slow machine.

  • Low into the corner: low/medium/high, the default value is in Angle.

  • In general, low into the corner can accommodate more motor, but in order to improve the efficiency, suggested that the 2 pole motor use low into the corner, over 6 pole motor used in Angle. In order to improve the speed, into the Angle can be set as Gao Jinjiao. After more improved Angle setting, should first test and then fly on the ground.

  • "To restore the factory default values

Comprehensive protection function

  • Low voltage protection: through programmed by the user;

  • Low over voltage protection: the input voltage more than 18 v does not start, automatic protection, at the same time a shortness of "beep" sound the alarm;

  • Low overheating protection: built-in temperature detection circuit, MOS tube at high temperature electric adjusted automatically shut off;

  • Control low signal loss protection: the remote control signal loss reduced power after 1 second, have shut down for 2 seconds without a remote control signal output;

Process characteristics

  • The power input end with * * low impedance large capacity electrolytic capacitor, greatly improve the anti-interference ability;

  • Output power MOSFET tube is equipped with independent cooling fin, reduce the temperature rise, improve the ability to large current work;

  • Controlled by single chip micro computer;

  • SCM independent voltage chip is adopted to avoid the BEC load changes caused by the power interference, improve stability of MCU work;

  • Provide a gold-plated motor connection head and heat shrinkable casing and auxiliary materials, easy to install (note: this is optional equipment);

  • Compatible with good surplus brushless electric science and technology programming setting card.


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