(hobbywing Pentium - 18 A Brushless Electric 4 Axis Vehicle Key

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  • Output ability: constant current 18 a, short-time current 22 a, (not less than 10 seconds).

  • Power input: lithium-ion battery pack 2 - section 4 or 5-12 section ni-mh/ni-cd battery pack;

  • The BEC output: 2 a (linear voltage regulation mode - linear mode);

  • The highest speed: 2 pole motor 210000 r/min, 6 pole motor 70000 r/min, 12 35000 RPM of the motor;

  • Size: 45 mm (length) * 24 mm (width) x 11 mm (high);

  • Weight: 19 g (including heat sink);

  • Attachment: gold-plated motor connection head and heat shrinkable casing (optional);


  • Security electricity function: when turning on the power supply, throttle rocker at any location are not immediately start motor, avoid to cause personal injury;

  • The throttle trip school callback functions: to adapt to the difference of different remote control throttle trip, to improve the linearity of the throttle response,

Set items

  • Low brake set: no brake/brake;

  • Low battery type: Li - xx (lithium battery)/Ni - xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride);

  • Low low voltage protection mode: reduce power output/off;

  • Low: low voltage protection threshold low/medium/high;

  • Low startup mode: ordinary/soft/super soft start;

  • Low into the corner: low/medium/high, the default value is in Angle;

  • "To restore the factory default value;

Comprehensive protection function

  • Low voltage protection: through programmed by the user;

  • Low over voltage protection: the input voltage range of input allows not to start, automatic protection, at the same time a rapid "beep" sound the alarm;

  • Low overheating protection: built-in temperature detection circuit, MOS tube at high temperature electric adjusted automatically shut off;

  • Control low signal loss protection: the remote control signal loss reduced power after 1 second, have shut down for 2 seconds without a remote control signal output;

Process characteristics

  • The power input with ultra low impedance large capacity electrolytic capacitor, greatly improve the anti-interference ability;

  • Output power MOSFET tube is equipped with independent cooling fin, effectively reduce the temperature rise, improve the ability to large current work;

  • Controlled by single chip microcomputer;

  • SCM? Take more lazy ⑽ prang perfect wine   acenaphthene 釨 EC load changes caused by the power interference, improve stability of MCU work;

  • Provides gold-plated motor connection head and heat shrinkable casing and auxiliary material, easy to install (note: this is optional with equipment);

  • Good compatible surplus technology produced brushless electric adjustable programming set card;


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