Hobbywing Eagle 30A Brush Electrically Controlled FPV Aircraft

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Product features

  • Brake: no brake/brake, brake factory default value is no. Through the jumper cap can choose to open and close of the brakes.

  • Battery type: compatible with Li - xx (lithium battery)/Ni - xx (nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride) two kinds of battery, the default value is Li - xx (lithium battery). Through the jumper cap can choose the battery type.

  • Low voltage protection threshold of lithium battery monomer threshold to 3 v low voltage protection, so for 2 s lithium battery pack, low voltage protection threshold is 6 v. For 3 s lithium-ion battery pack, low voltage protection threshold for 9 v. Nickel cadmium/nimh battery protection voltage is 4 v.

  • Mode of low voltage protection: when into the battery low voltage protection mode, electricity will gradually reduce the output power.

  • Over temperature protection: when the electric working temperature over 110 degrees, electrically controlled will lower output power for their own protection. Temperature drop, the electrically controlled gradually restored.

  • The throttle signal loss protection: when they tested the throttle control signal loss after 2 seconds, electrically controlled began to reduce the output power, if the signal is always unable to restore, has been down to zero output (power process the longest time to 2 seconds). If in the process of power reduction gas remote signal has resumed, immediately restore the throttle control.

The characteristics of

  • Single chip microcomputer intelligent control;

  • Compatible with lithium battery and nickel cadmium/nimh batteries;

  • Has an input voltage protection/battery low voltage protection, overheating protection/multiple protection functions such as throttle signal loss protection;

  • Can activate or cancel the brake function;

  • Output ability: continuous current 30 a, 40 a short-time current (not less than 10 seconds);

  • Power input: 2-3 quarter lithium battery or 4, verse 10 ni-mh/ni-cd battery pack;

  • BEC output: 1 a / 5 v (linear voltage regulation mode - linear mode).

  • Four PWM frequency: 2 KHZ.

  • Five dimensions: 45 mm (length) * 21 mm (width) * 8 mm (high);

  • 6: weight 21 g (including heat sink);


  • 1 x Eagle - 30A good company with brush electrically controlled


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