HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Module

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This module is incredibly stable with the ability to measure distance precisely. It is also extremely sensitive with a small blind spot which is about 50px away. This module is also compatible with the GH-311 guarding module.


  • Using Voltage: DC5V

  • Static Current: Less than 2mA

  • Higher Level: 5V

  • Lower Level: 0V

  • Sensing angle: Less than 15 degrees

  • Sensing distance: 2-11250px

  • Precision: 7.5px

Technic Support

  • The way to plug in:

  • VCC and trig as control end

  • Echo as receiving end

  • Out as empty pin

  • GND


  • TRIP pin is a 10K pull-up resistor that is in the module. It uses the IO port of the single chip to pull down the TRIP pin and release an impulse signal that is greater than 10us.

  • The OUT pin works as the input pin of the guarding module. It is not needed in the distance measuring module.

  • The module should be connected to the board before it is plugged in. Otherwise an unexpected higher level might occur and could only be solved by recharging.

The working theory of the URF04 module

  • Using the IO to trigger the distance measuring and release a higher level signal at least 10 us.

  • The module sent out 8 40 kHz waves and detects if any of them come back.

  • When a signal comes back, a higher level would be released from the IO and the time is last would be the same time it takes for the ultrasonic to be sent out and comes back.

  Distance=(Time in higher level * speed of sound(340M/S))/2;   

Using this product is also quite easy. After releasing a higher level that is higher than 10us from the control port, the customer could just start waiting at the receive port. The timer should be started when a higher level is released and the value can be read when a lower level occurs. That will be the time it takes. Keep measuring and you shall find out your answer.

Shipping List

  • Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Module: 1pcs




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