Good Surplus Platinum Series Platinum - 30 a - Pro OPTO Electronic Governor Support for 6 s Rotor ESC

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  • Actually the traditional series of platinum edition, compared with the traditional good company fit series, has a better linear. For example, in the remote control ofthe throttle to mobilize increase in one case, if the fit series increase speedis 100 RPM, platinum edition is to increase the turn 50, speed performance ismore exquisite, for pure multi-axle vehicle dynamic change posture, such performance is of unusual significance, will make the aircraft attitude morestable, reaction is also more accurate.

  • OPTO versions, remove the BEC output, also is not take UBEC, avoids the players inthe installation of trouble, also need to disconnect the BEC lines also guarantee the safety of multi-axis circuit!

  • Good stress is at the same time, the surplus electricity adjustable already in fullrange of support up to 432 hz refresh rate signal, can fully meet the needs ofhigh-end multi-axis flight control. Now the platinum edition of 30 a multi-axisspecial edition, will do better in this respect.

  • Good of the latest science and technology, specially designed for rotor aircraft research and development, the rotor aircraft had done many more optimized..


  • Use of high-performance processor,have excellent motor compatibility and high drive efficiency. Highest motor speed can reach 210000 RPM (2 pole motor), 70000 RPM (6 pole motor), 35000 RPM(12 pole motor).

  • Has a "common softstart/start/super soft start" three boot mode, compatible with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

  • To set the throttle trip, compatible with all the remote control on the market. Have a smooth and delicate touch ofspeed and first-class speed linear and the throttle response speed very quickly.

  • The micro processor USES the independent power supply, voltage regulator IC has better anti-jamming capability, greatly reduce the possibility of out of control.

  • Have the abnormal input voltage protection/battery low voltage protection/overheat protection/accelerator signal loss "multiple protection functions, such as extending the service life of the electrically controlled effectively.

  • Built-in BEC output voltage can bethrough the software to switch between 5.25 V and 6 V.

  • Support function of constant speed.

  • Can be set with a variety of programming card (note: optional) use, programming card has a simple and intuitive interface, easy to you anywhere at any time to modify the programming parameters (see the set card specifications).

  • Programmatically set the USB interfacecard can be electrically controlled software upgrade, let you enjoy the latest electric adjustable function permanently.

  • Completely using authentic materialsto ensure that the product has the first-class quality and stable performance.

  • Have complete independent intellectualproperty rights, product sustainable for updates.


  • Product model: Platinum - a - 30 ProOPTO

  • Weight: 31.6 g

  • Size: 56.5 * 25.6 * 8 mm

  • Sustained current: 30 a.

  • Instantaneous maximum current: 45 a (10seconds)

  • BEC output: no

  • Apply to lithium electricity section number: 2-6 s

  • Nimh batteries: 5-18 s

  • Parameter programming function: YES


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