DJI Spirit Phantom Fly Four Axis Aircraft NAZA GPS Complete Set

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  • The Phantom fuselage compact, easy to carry, travel, you can easily put it into the bag. Its fantastic special appearance, let you and your hand the Phantom in advertently becomes a focus in the crowd. In addition, you can also use Go Pro or other miniature camera installed on the aircraft aerial video recording, it will let you view on the sky, panoramic view of beauty between heaven and earth, bring you a brand new travel experience.

  • Phantoma new highly integrated design, the factory has been basically completed before the hardware installation, complete with flight parameters of the software debugging, allows you to open the outer packing, can satisfy the pleasure to travel in the heavens and the earth. In addition, the fine stickers and a smallamount of accessories for you and practical hands-on space, close contact with the Phantom, happiness infinite.

  • The Phantom of the all-in-one design has included the remote control and receiver,help users to completely eliminate such as outsourcing the concerns of the inconvenience. Customers need to purchase ordinary four AA batteries for the remote control power supply. Special 2.4 G ISM band wireless communication technology,remote control can make the effective control distance of 300 meters (flying environmental impact), frequency hopping anti-jamming design work at the same time, allow more than one remote control with reliable tele communications links.

  • Flight dynamic system is integrated in the Phantom, Naza - M + GPS rotor craft flight control system, as well as for the remote control and receiver. Before they go out, have set up the flight parameters and function, you do not need to make any commissioning flight can be realized. Through the test of Naza -m rotorst ability characteristic of flight control system, more make it easier for you to high performance flight experience.

  • The Phantom built-in Naza - M + GPS rotor craft flight control system, has a variety of flight mode: GPS attitude flight mode and flight mode, you can according to different needs and different flight environment for real-time intelligent switch to achieve different flight experience.

  • The Phantom with Naza -m rotor more direction of flight control system of intelligent control function, in flight, usually before the aircraft flight to always agree with the helicopter aircraft; Enable intelligent direction control, in the process of flight, the aircraft's flight to the helicopter and aircraft has nothing to do before. When using directional locking, before flying to and master record at a certain moment of the helicopter. When using return point lock, before flight to return to the direction of the aircraft.

  • The Phantom with Naza -m flight control system of the rotor out of control and returning more protection function. When the flight control system and remote control, because lost connection control distance too far or signal interference, Naza -m built-in automatic balancing of a flight control systemis out of control protection function, all orders will be output in the median,the GPS signal under the condition of good, automatic trigger automatic returnhome safely.

  • The Phantom built-in Naza -m many flight control system of the rotor with two levels of low voltage protection, can avoid the battery voltage is too low and create the serious consequences such as ground. In the case of the first level of protection, the LED will flash red lights to remind you, in the case of secondary protection, in addition to the LED will flash red lights to remind,the flight control system will trigger the Phantom automatic landing.

  • The Phantom of the maximum level flight speed can reach 10 m/s, vertical risevelocity of 6 m/s, flight altitude and distance range limit by time of flightand the remote control. The perfect combination of speed and stability, let you experience the Phantom is nifty and trust.

  • Every lever below the Phantom with red and green leds, under the direction of lighteven at night you can clearly distinguish the before and after the direction ofthe plane, and able to make you feel the Phantom is like from the universe outside of the mascot.

  • The Phantom external easy removable camera installed, you can load the simple light camera, or other video shooting electronic equipment. Enjoy fly "coolfun" at the same time, don't forget to record the beautiful moment of joy.

  • The Phantom bring a piece of 3 s and balance charger lithium-ion batteries, battery capacity is 2200 mah, the battery weight 170 g, with light body, and performance of all-in-one design, cruise flight time can reach 10 ~ 15 minutes,for your laughter set aside enough time and space.

  • With GOPRO camera stand, only to match four transmitter batteries, can enjoy the flight


  • Working environment temperature - 10 ° C~ 50 ° C

  • Flight control system power consumption3.12 W

  • Take-off weight < 1200 g

  • Hover precision (GPS) vertical: + / -0.8 m; Level: + / - 2.5 m

  • The biggest name steering angular velocity200 ° / s

  • The biggest Angle 45 °

  • Maximum lifting speed plus or minus 6m/s

  • Maximum flight speed 10 m/s

  • The motor axis of symmetry is apart fromthe 350 mm

  • The remote parameter

  • The working frequency of 2.4 GHz ISM

  • Transmitter channel number 6

  • Communication distance (outdoor, noblock) 300 m

  • Receiving sensitivity (1% PER) > - 93DBM

  • Transmission power < 20 DBM

  • The working current/voltage 52 mA @ 6 v

  • (5) 4 built-in AA batteries

  • The charger input voltage range 100-240- v

  • Charging current 1 a / 2 a / 3 a

  • Balance of current 200 ma

  • Power of 20 w

  • LiPo battery type

  • Electrically controlled prompt

  • In 234567 rich holiday

  • The throttle lever is not low BBBBBB...

  • The input signal abnormal B - B - B...

  • The input voltage abnormal BB, BB, BB,BB...


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