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official site: www.doit.am

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Our Promise:

Your satisfaction is our ETERNAL pursuit. 

Honesty is the BASIS of our survival.

                                                 ----SmartArduino Group

smartarduino.com is one of the largest online stores providing electronical components and has been helping the global makers, electrical hobbyists, lovers, artists, designers, students and scientists to invent many mirable electronical works. Our target is to be one of the largest online web stores in the world within 3 years. We aim to be exciting and innovative, offering our customers the latest and a variety of electronics, robotics, and aircraft components they want. 

In our such website, relying on the biggest electronic products market, Huaqiangbei Electronics town in Shenzhen, we would like to provide many high quality and cheap electronical hardware, components and accessories, such as Arduino compatible microcontrollers, shields, kits, sensors, robot, servo (steering step) motors, LED, and many other components associated with Arduino, raspberry, robotics, and aircraft. And we would try our best to share many creative and novel demos. It is worth noting that, we already build up a wireless sensor networks (WSN) systems for processing the sensed data and information, and exhibiting to all of us. Everyone can be free to do his/her creative and meaningful experiments based on this WSN system. Nothing is impossible. Let’s go for ourdream. 

Our motto: credit is more important than anything.


Why Choose Us

1.  A tremendous variety of items--With over 1,000 items instock, smartarduino is currently one of  the famous online stores. You'll have more choices than what you can ever imagine. What's more, we're updating the new arrivals every day!

2.  Affordable prices--smartarduino is offering the latest electronic components and accessories for almost five years. We're always keeping up with the newest innovation trends, while most importantly, making the prices as low as we can.

3.  Free worldwide shipping--Yep, you won't believe that you'll enjoy free worldwide shipping at www.smartarduino.com. It's not a joke, but an absolute truth.

4.  No-question refund and return--Anything wrong issuing quality and breakage can be returned or refundable. Get details.

Contact Information:

Tel.: +86-0755-29168529 

Fax: +86-0755-29168529


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 Skype: yichone

Our official site: www.doit.am