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SmartArduino VIP and Bonus Points Programs

SmartArduino VIP Program

With the goal to make SmartArduino the one-stop shop of trendy outfit, we are making SmartArduino better and better each day. To better serve our royal customers, we're very excited to introduce you our VIP program--SmartArduino VIP PRICE (SVP for short), which was also the first program we've brought to smartarduino.com in 2013.

1. What is SmartArduino VIP Program?

The SVP includes 3 types of discount, and each VIP member type will enjoy different saving.

SILVER VIP: 3% off regular price

GOLD VIP: 5% off regular price

PLATINUM: VIP: 10% off regular price

2. How to become a VIP member?

For every purchase at smartarduino.com, you are getting closer and closer to the VIP membership to enjoy the saving.

SILVER VIP: $80 & more with one purchase, or $100 all purchases in total.

GOLD VIP: $100 & more with one purchase, or $300 all purchases in total.

PLATINUM VIP: $300 & more with one purchase, or $500 all purchases in total

3. Facebook/reddit.com fan privilege.

You're able to enjoy 5% off by signing in with facebook and order. However, this is only for the first order.

SmartArduino Bonus Points Program

What is the SmartArduino bonus point program?

We're always thinking up ways to make SmartArduino better, and never stop our steps of bringing customers more benefits. If you haven't already been informed about this excited to program, read ahead! We would like to introduce you to just one of those ways. It's SmartArduino Bonus Point Program! (SBPP).

What is SBPP, you ask? Well, read through the followings to learn more about it :


How to enter:

For every SmartArduinor, you will now start achieveing points in the SBPP:

Approach NO. 1: Sharing our products on social platforms to gain Points!

1. Share your SmartArduino items on social platforms.
(facebook, twitter, lookbook, pinterest, polyvore, wanelo, forums & many others,).  
2. Sign into your SmartArduino account.  
3. Click "Bonus Point Program" to add the links you shared.(please don't add invalid links)
4. Our staff will look over and approve if your link is effective.After that,you'll get bonus points once it's approved.

Approach NO.2: Reviewing our products and earn SmartArduino Points!

1. Log in www.smartarduino.com, sign into your SmartArduino account.
2. Choose any one of the products from our online shop, enter the prduct detail page. Make some reviews about this item,the review colnmn is just in the below of every product page. Each review of our products could achieve 5 smartarduino Points  

Approach NO.3: Exchanging money into smartarduino Points!

This is simply the most effective and easy way to get SmartArduino Ponits, so as long as you purchase our products in our online shop (www.smartarduino.com) the bonus points will be added to your account automatically. Each US Dollar spent could change into 1 smartarduino Point, for e.g.: $100 spent on items in our online shop = 100 smartarduino Points will be added to your account breezily!

Approach NO.4: Uploading your post with smartarduino item to achieve bonus points!

1. Click into "lookbook" on our webpage and you'll see many gorgeous posts featuring SmartArduino items. Isn't that cool? you can do it too and gain bonus points as well. Let us show you the steps!
2. Log onto www.smartarduino.com and sign into your smartarduino account.
3. After you have logged in, click the "My Account" button on the smartarduino homepage.  
4. Select the "lookbook" option below the "My Account" list.
5. Click button,upload your post with smartarduino item:(Please be noted that the width of a photo is at least 500 pixels or height over 680 pixels.)
6. Finally, click and you can see your photos now! Don't forget you will achieve some smartarduino points at the same time! So what are you waiting`for? Come and join us!

How can I redeem my Bonus Points?

Once you accumulate bonus points, you will be eligible to redeem them next time your purchase. To redeem your smartarduino Bonus Points, just enter it in your shopping cart and you'll save money! It's that simple.

Where can I check my point status?

Log into your account and click "Bonus Point Program" to check up your points and status.

P.S.: Each point is equivalent to 1 cent. You can redeem it next time you purchase on www.smartarduino.com!


How many points you'll get depends on your different approach.