Arduino W5100 Ethernet Module Development Board POE Xbee Interface SD Card Slot Iboard

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IBoard is composed of a master control + W5100 Arduino Ethernet chip development board, the board also brought a lot of electronic building blocks on the interface, can provide all kinds of electronic building blocks and convenient external ITEAD module. Board with the XBee interface, can be convenient to expand the wireless function.

IDE burning option board type: the Arduino Duemilanove w/atmega328

From the picture above you can see IBOARD features distribution:

1. The external power supply interface (power socket), using the DCDC power, wide range support 7-24 v output, the output current up to 2 a, microcontroller and W5100 chips, of course, is to use less than such a large current, mainly for electronic building blocks interface provides such a large current, so that you can drag need large current external devices.

2. Support POE Ethernet interface - that is, if you are on the other side of the equipment support POE, can only use this adapter power supply directly, do not need to connect the external power supply. Italy's original Arduino Ethernet does not support this function!

3. SD booth - support Micro SD card, and W5100 Ethernet USES the same SPI interface, different CS line - specific connection, oneself see DATASHEET or schematic diagram, we offer, don't be lazy, or how to learn to what? IBOARD SD connect directly compatible with the official Arduino SD card library, support FAT16 and 32.

4. W5100 - don't talk nonsense, the Arduino official library support

5. NRF24L01 - very cheap a 2.4 G data transmission scheme, compatible with 2.4 G module nRF24L01 they sell in that shop, here to provide you with several IBOARD directly operate the module library: and Foreign customers to do:)

6. XBee interface - provide another wireless solution, of course, in addition to practical XBee modules do Zigbee transmission, can also use ITEAD BTBee for bluetooth transmission - the most simple and mobile communications solutions.

7. 8 electronic building blocks interface - don't know what is a ITEAD electronic building blocks? You out! To a circuit with spell blocks as simple, as long as a line, an electronic building blocks modules, plug-in and Play! ITEAD provides much of the various types of building blocks to 29 including the LED, relay, button to all kinds of sensors, very convenient to all kinds of function you need to add to this the Arduino Ethernet platform.

A0 ~ A5 also can use, when the Numbers can also be as a soft serial port.


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