Arduino SD/TF Card Extension Board Stack Module SD Card Shield

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  • The module (SD Card shields) is compatible with the Arduino shields interface board, appearance of the SD Card read and write extension. Directly in theArduino UNO motherboard, Arduino MEGA 2560 or its compatible motherboard can increase for your Arduino project a huge data storage space. Through the file system (the Arduino IDE comes with SD card library) can be easily accomplishedwithin the SD card on the file to read and write operations. Widely used in thedigital photo album, sensor acquisition system for a long time, high frequency,TXT reader need to store large amounts of data, such as applications.


  • Standard Arduion expansion board interface, appearance, compatible with the Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA2560 andcompatible with the motherboard

  • The board level conversion circuit,namely, interface level for 5 V or 3.3 V

  • The communication interface to a standard SPI interface, only support SD/TF card SPI mode of communication

  • Support SD/SDHC/Micro SD/Micro SDHC 4kinds of CARDS, such as the mini card need to cooperate with cheap TF card use

  • Power supply of 4.5 V to 5.5 V, theonboard 3.3 V voltage regulator circuit
















interface voltage

3.3 or 5


support type

SD card(≤32G)

SDHC card(≤32G)

Micro SD card(≤2G)

Mirco SDHC card(≤32G)







  • SPI interface: MOSI, MISO, SCK this three feet are quotations from ICSP interface signal, can be compatible with many Arduino board.

  • Level conversion circuit, SD card direction of signal is converted into 3.3 V, SD card to the direction of the main control board MISO signal is transformed into 3.3 V, general Arduino motherboard can read the signal;

  • Regulating circuit: "output voltage of 3.3 V level conversion chip, SD card power supply;

  • Optional pin: SD card of the CS pin is connected to the Arduino board D4 digital pins;

  • SD booth: is the booth, persons possessing plug, can insert SD card, TF card with the Micro SD card.

The experiment equipment

  • One Arduino compatible motherboard Catduino (not familiar with open source hardware can be understood as Atmega328P microcontroller open board) and a mini USB cable;

  • One SD Card read and write extension board module (SD Card shields);

  • 1 on the 4 g Kingston SDHC CARDS; 1 samsung's 2 gb Micro SD card and cheap TF card (Micro SD card for demonstration, speaking, reading and writing)

The experimental steps

  • Will the VCC Catduino switch switch to 5 v, SD Card directly inserted into the motherboard Catduino shields, ensure that the hands of 4 g SDHC CARDS have been formatted as FAT32 format (SDHC Card cannot be formatted as FAT16), and insert it into the SD Card on the shields.

  • Use the mini USB connect Catduino, if is the first time to use the main board, the serial port (USB) driving from the Arduino IDE drivers find the USB drivers in the directory.

  • The SD card read and write the related program can use Arduino IDE's own, directory is.. \ Arduino - 1.0 / libraries/SD. Reopen the Arduino IDE, click on the toolbar for the Open button, Open the SD CardInfo routines, as shown in the figure below, it's important to note that use SPI interface is motherboard SPI interface of the SS pin must be set to output, the Arduino UNO R3 and compatible with the SS pin for 10 feet, Arduio MEAG 2560 SS is # 53 feet.

  • Pick a serial port, name of the board, click the burn button, can burn. This routine is shown how to read SD card information, including the type of card, file system types, storage capacity, also listed in the file name. Click on the Serial Monitor can look at it.

  • In SD library and other routine (including how to read a file of a given name, create and delete a file, etc.), users are free to experiment and try more, but SD. Must pay attention to the begin () the entrance to the parameter must be a 4 pin (pin).

  • Read and write about Micro SD card. Will be 2 gb Micro SD card (as FAT16 format) into the TF card sets, power outages, then put this when the SD card to replace the original 4 g SD card, with electricity, reset, open the serial port terminal, finally in the display window saw this represents your success:


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