Arduino DUE Development Board ATSAM3X8E Microcontroller ARM Cortex M3 Learning Board

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  • The Iteaduino DUE, is based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Crotex - M3 is the kernel of a micro controller development board, is the Arduino DUE to the improvement of the plate. It has 54 digital IO pin, 12 analog input, 4 UART, 1 84 MHZ clock, a USB OTG connection available, 2 DAC, two IIC, 1 power socket, a SPI row needle, a reset button, and a delete button.

  • Warning: different from other Iteaduino motherboard, Iteaduino Due to the working voltage is 3.3 V. I/O pins can with stand a maximum voltage of 3.3 V. Provides the high voltage in the I/O pins, 5 v, for example, it might damage the motherboard.

  • Motherboard contains all support SCM need; Just put it through the Micro - USB cable connected to the computer or through a AC - DC adapter or battery to electricity can start. Due, compatible with all Arduino compatible with the working voltage of 3.3 V and is compatible with 1.0 Arduino pins leads to the extension of the board.

Due to follow the following 1.0 leads to pins

  • TWI: SDA and SCL pins, near the AREF pin.

  • IOREF pins allow connection with a properly configured extension plate to the voltage provided by the main board. This makes extension board can be compatible with the working voltage of 3.3 V board, such as Due, and the working voltage of 5 V based on AVR motherboard. And there is a pin set aside for future use.

The advantage of ARM kernel

  • Due to have a 32-bit ARM kernel, much stronger than typical 8-bit single chip microcomputer main board. The most significant difference is:

  • A 32-bit kernel, allowed within a single CPU clock 4 bytes wide operation on data.

  • 84 MHZ CPU clock.

  • 96 KB SRAM.

  • 512 KB of flash memory code.

  • A DMA controller, can reduce the burden of CPU execution memory intensive work.



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