Android Smart Home Diy Kit UNO R3 ATMEAG MEGA ARDUINO Platform Development Eight Kinds Application Modes IOT Internet RC Wireless

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  • Core is the concept of smart home make it easy for people to enjoy life.

  • Go out in the outside, you can by telephone, computer to remote control your household intelligent systems, such as on the way home open air conditioning and water heater in the home in advance; Home to open the door, the android open combination lock function, the system will automatically open the electronic door locks, security abandoned. Open the home lighting lamps and lanterns and greet your curtains.

  • Back home, the use of the android mobile phone you can easily control all kinds of electrical equipment in the rooms, can choose by intelligent lighting system preset lighting scenes, create a comfortable quiet; the study while reading Create a romantic lighting atmosphere in the bedroom... All of this, the master can sit on the sofa and easy  operation, a controller can control everything in the home, such as pull a curtain, heat bath water and automatically adjust the water temperature, adjust the curtain, lighting, sound condition.

  • Smart home can do have a lot of, not tired described one by one here. In short, smart home system can have time to enjoy life is comfortable, at the same time to save electricity. As Bill Gates said: in the near future, not the smart home system will house like the house can't surf the Internet today unfashionable.


  • Smart home system - eight mode

  • Mode 1: switch mode

  • Switch relay

  • Open to turn off the lights

  • Switch buzzer

  • Model 2: PWM mode

  • RGB lamp of PWM

  • 3 w LED PWM mode

  • Mode 3: circulation patterns

  • Red, blue and green pattern

  • Green LanGong mode

  • Pattern 4: display mode

  • Can be arbitrary input English or digital display

  • Pattern 5: password mode

  • Set a password

  • Model 6: decoding mode

  • Unlock password

  • Mode 7: steering gear model

  • Angle adjustment

  • A key place

  • Model 8: acquisition mode

  • Collecting CDS signals

The android smart home kit list

  • 1 the ARDUINO UNO R3 development board

  • ARDUINO V5.0 sensor extension plate one

  • The bluetooth module 1

  • LCD1602 module 1 (welding line of needle)

  • 1 2 road relay

  • 3 color RGB module 1

  • 7 colour automatically flashing LED module 2

  • 3 wled module 1

  • Buzzer module 1

  • Photosensitive resistance module 1

  • 103 one adjustable resistance

  • One senior big bread board

  • Fraser 9 grams of steering gear 2

  • 10 * 20 cm organic glass plate 1 piece

  • Section 6 5 battery box 1

  • Article 40 the male, the female head of dupont line

  • Mother to mother head dupont line 10

  • Bread plate connecting line 20

  • USB cable 1

  • Develop data CD to 1


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