6 DOF Robot Mechanical Arm Manipulator ABB Industrial Robot Manipulator Model 7 Steering Gear

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  • The baby design concept from A  B  B palletizing robot, the same principle structure, range of motion greater than siblings other arm;

  •  Rack thick hard aluminum alloy material selection CNC machining, do not take other than store materials, material thickness different;

  •  Whole arm using five MG996R metal gear servos, bottom joint using two servo driven, forceful two times, two servo drive servo drive is more stable than single;

  •  bearing all the moving joints using high quality links, better performance;

  •  Behind machine arm  plus a control board fixed base, with the arm movement, even more convenient and beautiful;

  •  The baby's size and precision design, especially suitable for teaching and testing;

  •  The base is made of high quality steel arm large bearing fixed base is fixed machine arm movement is no longer shaking, bearing better performance;

  •   Product comes standard with clamp fixed disk, users can continue to DIY sucker, magnet, fork, gripper, gripper and other characteristics based on raw materials.

 Note : Parts are shipped Unassembled, users need to self-assemble commissioning (assembly instructions provided).

Technical reading:

        The length of the arm is not done the better. The longer the load on the servos are large, direct impact on the life of the servo, the servo circuit overload Assembly burn, damaged steering gear. Certain of the arm has a direct impact on the performance of the longer arm strength is smaller, the smaller the available load. The manipulator calculated based on the common metal gear servos and servo circuit load to load the optimal size, play to the best performance servos. Use high-quality steel arm base large bearing fixed base is fixed machine arm movement is no longer shaking, bearing better performance. The bottom of the joint using two servo driven, forceful 2 times, 2 servo drive is more stable than a single servo drive.


         Arm including five MG966R metal servo, and two MG90S metal gear steering gear. All the arm moving joints is made of the bearing connection.


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