5V laser diode laser spot copper semiconductor laser tube diameter 6MM

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5V laser diode laser spot copper semiconductor laser tube diameter 6MM


  • Wavelength: 650NM

  • Power: 5MW

  • Outer diameter: 6MM


  • Should pay attention to the safety of the laser battery, to prevent others from removing the electric power pool caused by short circuit or battery explosion accident.

  • Laser emission principle and special nature of the production process determines the characteristics of laser light that does not have a common: the Miyoshi (good monochromaticity, coherence, directionality) high (high intensity).

  • Is mainly used in the laser class toys, all kinds of level, ground wire, etc.

  • The production of electronic pen: the teacher, the students view on laser projection drawing.

  • Electronic level meter: let the motor drive head rotational or torsional and projected into the line on the wall, for decoration or posted pictures do the reference level.

  • Micro liquid crystal projection: removal of the spotlight, so that the laser through the LCD screen can be controlled, can produce a clear projection in the wall.

  • Distance laser listener: make the laser irradiation was eavesdropping on the glass room, then receives a reflected back into the glass of the laser beam to detect the vibration of the glass can restore the room with the sound.

  • Distance photocontrolled anti-theft alarm: in need of protection of fish ponds or watermelon fields in a corner of the installed laser emission tube, a photosensitive resistor, installed in the other three corners on the reverse side of a mirror, formed door area.

  • Far distance laser wireless communication: the use of a pair of laser transceiver device in two distant from each other, the use of single-chip serial communication protocol to send and receive files, and even networking.

  • The laser head is composed of three parts, a light emitting tube core, a condenser lens and a copper adjustable sleeve. The three parts have been assembled, the lens focus is also adjusted, and has been used with strong glue, the user is connected to the 5V DC power supply.

  • Special attention not to the eyes of the people.

  • For a long time to light up the laser head, please increase the current limiting resistance

  • Special note: the laser head is emitted by a red laser beam, that is, a parallel beam. Only when there is a fog or other media can be seen in the context of a weak red line, and in general, is a red dot.

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  • 5V laser diode laser spot copper:1pcs



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