4 Axis Carbon Fiber Positive Oar 1555 Suitable for Langyu 4822 Hengli 4108 One pair

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  • The effective power of air propeller

  • Definition: a propeller produce pull, pull a plane to go forward, to do work for aircraft. Propeller per unit time, work is the effective power for the propeller. Formula: N oar = PV type: N oar - the effective power of the propeller;P - propeller pulling force; V - speed

  • The propeller effective power along with the change of the speed: (1) the ground test run, the plane did not advance speed (V = 0), tensile, work is not on the plane it is "zero" the effective power of the propeller. (2)the speed increase, from the actual measured curve of effective power propeller: in OA speed range, the effective power of the propeller as the speed increases; After the speed is greater than the scope of effective power propeller decreases with increasing of the speed. Within the scope of the OA speed, when the speed increases, the tension decreased slower, along with theincrease of speed, propeller effective power gradually increased. When the speed increases to A propeller of effective power is the largest. When the speed increase again, due to pull rapidly decreases, and thus increased with the increase of the speed propeller effective power will reduce. Is engine drives the rotating propeller, the propeller is the engine's power to pull forward the effective power of the plane. Effective power propeller and the ratio of the engine power output, called the propeller efficiency. Eta = Noar/N effectively


  • Item name: 1555 1655 1755Carbon fiberCW/CCW props

  • Japan improve material

  • Price it is for 1 pair, 1pcs CW and 1pcsCCW propeller

  • Comes with 5mm and 6mm aluminium ring

  • (our products ):8045 1045 10471147 1150 1260 1238 1245 1365 1340 1447 1470 1540 1555 1575 1755

  • If order it is big, we can let you have the whole sale price list, thanks~


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